Monday , 26 June 2017

WordPress Tutorials

Tips to Master in WordPress

WordPress tutorial for beginners

WordPress is the most sought-after and popular platform for the designing and development of the blogging sites. WordPress is a highly customizable web-development platform that can offer the seamless operations with much ease. It comes completely free and includes a wide array of special features that can enhance the overall appearance as well as the functionality of any site. One ...

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Secrets To Increasing Adwords ROI

how to increase return on investment

The main aspire of a business is to earn revenue by following all the possible tactics and improving the Google Adwords’s ROI is one of them. So, as a business owner you are required to ensure that the Adwords conversion rate is improved which will ultimately have positive impact on the company bottom line. In fact there are multiple proven ...

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How to Prepare Your Site for Vacation

When you are running your business on a WordPress website, it is very convenient for you to manage it anywhere. However, there is also a problem most webmasters or online businesses want to solve – it is the time! When can you take break, or how to utilize your time when you want to have a rest? This is not ...

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Website Backup Solution


Businesses today are majorly driven through the websites of organizations. Deploying website backup solutions is of utmost importance and priority given this scenario. Many customers have a habit of surfing the Internet to know more about companies, products or services of which they are looking at buying. It is like a basic hygiene check for customers. Websites and the content ...

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