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How does Google Panda work?

What is Google Panda

Getting your website a good ranking on Google is a big challenge in itself. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Google rankings. Lately, Google has updated its algorithm many times and this has created a lot of confusion among various webmasters. One of the most confusing and frequently-asked questions ...

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8 Common Google AdWords Mistakes

how to use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best ways to send paid traffic to your site directly so that they can be converted into the ultimate buying customers which will eventually improve your return on investment. While opening an account for Google Adwords is really easy to start targeting the powerful audiences but you need to remember that it should bring ...

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A2Hosting Windows Hosting Review

For people who used to building online presence using the .NET framework or ASP, a high performance Windows web hosting solution at a highly affordable price is what they desire so much. While the majority of world’s websites are hosted on Linux servers, finding a satisfied Windows web hosting service is more and more challenging as a result of the ...

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8 Things to Do Before Jumping Into Paid Internet Advertising

advantages of Online Advertising

The number of Internet users is on the rise every single day and this has made the Internet one of the most reliable ways of marketing a brand or a product. Every other company that is new in the market immediately jumps into paid Internet advertising because of the many advantages of online advertising. If you are considering marketing your ...

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10 Tools from Google to Boost Your Brand

Google Adwords

Google has an overwhelming reach to the world’s population. This has helped the Search Engine titan amass heaps of data that has helped it understand a person’s internet habits very closely. This is probably the biggest reason why brands pick Google tools over others when it comes to improving or boosting their brand’s content for SEO and marketing. Here are ...

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How to Add the Content Locking in Your WordPress Website?

For many experienced webmasters, they may understand the benefits of adding content locking in their websites. It can increase sales, boost lead generations, and even can be use d to crease email list. With so many pros, why don’t you add it to your site? If you do not know how to make it, don’t worry, we are here to ...

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Bluehost vs. Hostmonster

Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) was built up in 1996. Standing out in the cheap web hosting industry, Bluehost has powered more than 2 million web sites around the world. By far, its main product line includes cheap shared hosting, reliable cloud hosting, VPS hosting, as well as dedicated servers. Cheap shared hosting and VPS hosting are the most popular products at Bluehost. ...

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A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Content

If you’re relatively new to SEO marketing, you’ve probably heard of the term “SEO content”. As a beginner in the SEO content field, you may have many questions about it, like what exactly is SEO content, how many types it comes with, and how to develop an effective SEO content strategy. This article strives to bring with clear answers to ...

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A2Hosting vs. A Small Orange

Choosing a suitable web hosting solution is never an easy thing particularly for newbies, as with hundreds of different providers are boasting of their low cost, rich features, and fast speed performance. This is the reason why we strongly recommend these people to choose one from our Top 10 Web Hosting list. Both A2Hosting and A Small Orange are among ...

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What Should You Know About Keywords

what is a short tail keyword

When you are trying to optimize for search engine or try to position your business in such a way that it is visible on your mind, you will be sure to hear words like keywords, short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Other questions like what is a keyword, what is a short tail keyword and what is a long ...

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Why Choose Long Tail Keywords For Your Website?

long tail keywords examples

Have you recently been looking up long tail keywords examples to boost the conversions for your website? The World Wide Web has become far more competitive than what we may have imagined it a decade ago. Every brand is hedonistically targeting the larger audience which is available for them because of the absence of geographical trepidations that otherwise hindered the ...

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Best Web Hosting for b2evolution

b2evoltuion is a popular blog/social PHP-based CMS that can be used for building and managing websites in terms of sharing information and interacting with your community. Like most popular content management systems on the market like WordPress or Drupal, b2evolution is a free open-source software enabling you to download and run on a web server. Specifically, b2evolution can run on ...

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How to Make Your Website More Google-Friendly?

Google-friendly website

If you are an online business owner, then you must realize the importance of making a website which is optimized on the search engine to generate the desired results. Google tends to change and modify its algorithms and there is always some sort of update in the search engine optimization technique. These days the online marketers have been doing everything ...

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10 Best Keyword Research Tools

keyword research tools list

There is no denying that the keywords are one of the most significant and critical factors of the SEO. The basic foundation of the SEO is the keyword research. Key research is the core and the fundamental factor to any PPC, SEO or content marketing campaign. If as an online business owner, you are not bidding on the right set ...

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eHost vs. A2Hosting

Born in 1996, eHost (www.ehost.com) has been standing out in the industry for 2 decades. Regarded as one of the best cheap web hosting providers, eHost persists in providing customers with premium shared hosting at affordable pricing. For A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com), it is one of the top cheap web hosting providers, too. Differently, A2Hosting does not only provides fine-tuned shared hosting, ...

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Benefits of a Cloud-Based or Online Anti-Virus?

best cloud antivirus

With the advancement of technology, cloud computing has been hailed as one of the best and the most innovative approaches towards the betterment of human’s life with the use of computer system. With cloud hosting, the computers can perform tasks which are beyond their storage and computing abilities. Several web applications have adopted the concept of cloud computing to enhance ...

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WebHostingHub vs. IXWebHosting

WebHostingHub (www.webhostinghub.com) starts to offer web hosting services in 2010. Up till now, WebHostingHub has been focusing on the sole goal: to provide affordable as well as easy-to-setup web hosting solutions. Also, WebHostingHub is reputable of providing cheap web hosting with domains, free web apps, web design, and custom hosting plans. Supported by 2 US data centers, WebHostingHub has served ...

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Pros and Cons of Website Builder

Website builders

Nowadays if you wish to develop an online business, then building a website has become so much easier. If you are not adept with the technical skills, you can seek help from website builders to help you make an eye-catchy and intriguing website which is fully optimized to suffice all your business needs and requirements. There are various kinds of ...

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Basics of Web Security

web security tutorial

Web services are open-standard based web applications including HTTP, SOAP, XML, etc; which interact with other web applications or services for exchanging data and important information. In this web security tutorial, we will get an insight into the web services and how to maintain the security of the web pages and web applications. What are Web Services?   A web ...

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An Introduction to b2evolution

If you’re planning to run your own blog or website, easily, effectively and efficiently, but want to keep costs down, you would like to start with a self-hosted content management system (CMS). WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are such popular CMSs that are widely-used by millions of developers and webmasters. However, besides them, b2evolution is also an optional choice for people ...

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How to boost traffic to your e-commerce website

how to boost eCommerce sales

There is a lot of competition in the online store business regardless of the industry you choose. It is a big challenge to make products that have the highest quality in the market, let alone getting them to sell. If you have been wondering about how to boost eCommerce sales, you have come to the right place. Tips on how ...

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Importance of Social Media in Business

Importance of social media in business

Have you just launched your online business? Not finding ways to give it a boost? Social media marketing could be the perfect solution to all your online marketing issues and could give a boost to the overall performance of your online business. The importance of social media in business cannot be overlooked in today’s era of advanced technology and the ...

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Hidden Features of WordPress

WordPress features and benefits

When you think of CMS (Content Management System), there could be nothing as convenient and popular platform as WordPress. WordPress comes with so many exciting features which offer the website owners or website developers much ease to build a dynamic website. With so many features lined up, there are several traits which are yet known to the users of the ...

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Why is Google’s APM so Important?

Google Associate Product Marketing Manager

If you have heard Google, then you must have heard about APM as well. For those who don’t know what APM is – APM or Application Performance Management is a kind of on-the-job training programme powered by Google which aims to monitor and manage the performance and availability of software applications by the role of the Google Associate Product Marketing ...

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WebHostingHub Promo & Deal

Actually, there is no WebHostingHub Coupon. But the WebHostingHub management team did give out a very good discount to our readers exclusively. You need to follow this special promotion link to claim the deal, after which you can subscribe to its award-winning hosting service at $1.5/mo for the first 3 months (a 83% Off), and then still at a discount price of $3.25/month, 63% ...

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