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Best Cheap Hosting

Best Cheap Hosting


#1 Best Cheap hosting, fast reliable web hosting services with free domain and $250 free extras. Prefect for personal websites and small business websites. Price from $2.75/mo.


Best for Business

  InmotionHosting PHP Hosting Review

Best cheap web hosting for all-sizes of businesses. Powerful web server with free SSD. 100% customer satisfaction and 90 days money back. Price from $2.95/mo.


Cheapest Hosting


Best Budget web hosting with free domain, unlimited features, $500 free extras. Anytime money back. Perfect for personal blogs. Cheap Price from $1.99/mo.


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Want to find the best hosting to host your website? Check out below web hosting reviews based on the types of hosting solutions.

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Web Hosting Deals

Cheap Hosting Tutorials

With a purpose to bring our readers the best hosting at an affordable price in the industry, we set relative high criteria when filter “Top 10 Cheap Hosting”.

  • All web host should have been industry for at least 3 years. This might be unfair to new web hosts, but we do see many web hosts were just in good status for coupon months and then disappeared totally.
  • Web hosting packages should include rich features and easy-to-manage.
  • Tier-4 Data center only, which stands for the highest level of uptime and availability.
  • Few complaint from their customers. The review data we mainly refer to are from HostUCan.com.
  • High uptime. The uptime data comes from HostUCan.com as well. As an independent hosting review and performance monitoring sites, HostUcan offers unbias data to tell how good a web host is.
  • Comprehensive and Promoted customer support.
  • Money Back Guarantee, which should be at least 30 days money back, and ideally it could be “Any time Money Back”.

If you feel your web host meet above criteria, please feel free to contact us and ask for a review.